Friday, June 27, 2008

I Baked a Cake with My Rice Cooker!

Today, I decided to bake a "rice-cooker" chocolate cake! The result is amazing; the cake is moist, nice and quite fluffy. As I mentioned quite a bit in my blogger that I don’t really like to bake anything in the oven because it also bake my whole house too, especially in summer but it makes my house warm & cozy worm in winter ! Let’s get it started!!

I’ve never baked a cake from scratch since I moved here (lots of work huh! and also big mess for me to clean up afterwards). So, I used cake mix today ha ha ha! Just follow the instruction, I got the batter!

I put the batter in the rice cooker and set it to run for a full cycle of white rice cooking. My rice cooker takes about 20 minutes per cycle for cook the white rice, but it stays hot after the cycle is over. It still looked runny after 1st cycle so, I had to run one more cycle. Again, it was still runny in the middle part after the 2nd cycle.

I changed the menu of the rice cooker to “PORRIDGE” because this function the unit will cook with higher heat and a little bit longer than cook regular white rice. I let it run one cycle of this, then Ta Da!!!